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Saporium Lounge & Tapas Bar - Florence by Borgo Santo Pietro
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Let our Michelin Star executive chef Ariel Hagen and his team take you on a delightful journey in an oasis of comfort and sophistication. Saporium Firenze Lounge offers a unique experience for guests to enjoy the finest signature cocktails and exquisite tapas from a specially curated menu. Our tapas menu is designed to please every palate and crafted with love, using only the freshest ingredients nurtured with care at our farm.

Sink into the understated elegance of the Saporium Firenze Lounge nestled in the heart of the city. Our passion for excellence drives us to create the finest-crafted cocktails in town, that are sure to put you in the right spirits. With high-quality ingredients at the heart of our thoughtful preparations, we dream of making mixology an art.

A delightful journey where you enjoy the art of Borgo Santo Pietro’s ‘soil-to-plate’ cuisine and restaurant

The cost of the reservation, excluding presale price and bank commissions, will be discounted from the total of the bill at  the end of the dinner.
The maximum waiting time for your reservation is 15 minutes,
at after 15 minutes the table will be re-assigned.
If you decide not to take advantage of the reservation within 24 hours from the reservation date, you will be refunded 50% of the price paid excluding presale price and bank commissions. Refunds will not be issued after 24 hours.
The Refund Policy will not be applicable and will be cancelled if you wish to make any changes to your booking at least 12 hours before your appointment.
It will be possible to change the day or time of table reservation only once and only before
48 hours from the day of booking and if obviously the new time or date will be available.

Opening hours
Open Tuesday to Saturday from 18.00 to midnight.