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Restaurant - Mediterranean
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One of the best places to go to eat is Gemva, it is located in Pulpí, it is very easy to find thanks to its location.
Let yourself be surprised by the variety of its menu, it is a restaurant specializing in food from other European cuisines, according to the critics, it is cooked very well here.

-The maximum number of diners per table is visible in the image looking at the number of chairs at each table.
If there are more, you must reserve the number of tables you require for your guests.
- The cost of collecting the reservation excluding platform commissions
   It is a pre-consumption that will be deducted from your total account at the end.
- All reservations will have a tolerance of 30 minutes to be able to enter your table at the end of which you will have to register with the Host on the waiting list to be able to enter and exchange your pre-consumption.
- In case of arriving after the tolerance time and the diner does not decide to wait on the host's list, you can request a refund of 50% of the cost of consumption.
It will be possible to change the day or the time of the reservation of the tables one time FREE of charge by writing to the whatsapp of the platform assistance and only before 48 hours of the day of the reservation and  if the new time is available or the new date.
N.B. The cost of the purchased reservation is equivalent to the minimum consumption in the restaurant. If the receipt is less than the cost of the reservation, no refund will be made.
The property reserves the right to assign a different table to the one selected, according to daily needs.

Event Starts at 12:00
Event Closes at 23:00
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