Sunflower on the beach @ Ostras Beach Versilia
Sunday July 14, 2019
Ostras Beach Versilia
Event Starts at 15:00
Event Closes at 04:00
Viale Roma 123, Marina di Pietrasanta



Sunday, July 14th, let yourself be swept away by the energy of Sunflower on the Beach -
The first true Sunflower beach party!
Turn on your desire for summer and live with us this new special edition by the sea!

For the first time in versilia, we will host "All on us" the brand new Planet Funk audio / visual show (Alex Neri, Marco Baroni, Dan Black) which will delight us with a series of unpublished works, combined with the band's greatest hits, in a futuristic show full of twists!

Twelve hours of music, including concerts, DJ sets, shows and entertainment, will accompany your day, surrounded by beauties in costume and special arrangements!

The DJ sets will be curated by,, Spencer Parker  dj fromPanorama Bar Music Berlin, Federico Grazzini, resident dj ofThe Zoo Project   Ibiza, Philipp & Cole Fanpage, mai DJs of Tenax, and David Brilli / Dj ed Emiliano Marchini talented djs fromFRAGOLA! 

Line up:
Planet Funk 'All Of Us' audio visual Show

Spencer Parker
Federico Grazzini
Philipp & Cole
David Brilli
Emiliano Marchini

15.00 Start Beach Party

The Sunflowers News continues in this hot 2019 summer! Sunday, July 14th, we will move to Versilia to create the first Sunflower Beach Party in history! Animations, installations and maximum attention to detail will accompany us during this fantastic day of music by the sea! Among the novelties there are also personalized beach packages + catering and an exclusive helicopter ride! (by reservation only)