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Located in the heart of the famous tourist port of Ibiza, Tango Bar is a place that embodies the vibrant essence and infectious energy of the island. With a history dating back decades, this iconic bar has captivated generations of locals and tourists with its unique atmosphere, engaging music, and an unforgettable experience.
While the tourist port of Ibiza has developed over the years, Tango Bar has remained true to its authentic roots. While many establishments have adapted to global trends, Tango Bar has preserved its authenticity, offering a unique and refreshing experience. Here, one can still savor the authentic spirit of Ibiza, surrounded by a mix of locals and tourists coming together in a collective embrace of fun and joy.

The bar enjoys a privileged location within the tourist port. Its open-air terrace provides a welcoming space to relax and admire the spectacular sunset while enjoying delicious cocktails and drinks. The warm and inviting ambiance encourages guests to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of Ibiza and create lasting memories.
Tango Bar's long history is a testament to its popularity and consistent success. For locals, the bar has become a landmark for enjoyment and socializing, while for tourists, it represents an authentic and engaging experience of the island. Tango Bar has maintained its reputation as a meeting place and hub of entertainment, attracting an international audience of music and culture enthusiasts.