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Borgo Santo Pietro

Borgo Santo Pietro was born from the desire to create and share a unique and welcoming place where nature meets luxury and where the conscientious service is dedicated to your utmost comfort.
Connected to its curative history, we have aimed to create a luxurious retreat of five-sense immersion where you can once again connect with your well-being, integrating the mind, body and spirit.

We hope that moment-to-moment living is the sort of meditation you never want to end.
A philosophy of nurture via nature and a spirit of collaboration are tangibly felt at Borgo Santo Pietro, where a teamwork of farmers, culinary gardeners and chefs work together to bring the fruits of organic cultivation to the table.

Borgo’s 300-acre organically cultivated estate includes market gardens, nut fields, herb gardens, extensive vineyards and forests, some of which house the estate’s drove of pigs. Each day the farmers collect milk from Borgo’s sheep which is then transformed into artisan cheese and yogurt at the on-site dairy. The farm includes free-range chickens, honey bees, alpacas and extensive vineyards and supplies both the inspiration and ingredients for its Michelin-starred Restaurant, as well as Trattoria Sull’Albero. The freshwater River Merse, famous throughout the region, runs through the outskirts of the estate.

Borgo Santo Pietro Saporium
A philosophy grounded in the principles of biodiversity and regenerative agriculture and the wish to share wondrously inventive cooking while respecting and highlighting the rhythm of nature and the authentic taste of our land.

Let executive chef Ariel Hagen and his team – together with the master gardener, the forager, the cheesemaker, the baker, the fermentation specialist, the butcher, the restaurant manager, the sommelier – take you on a delightful journey and enjoy the art of Borgo Santo Pietro’s soil-to-plate cuisine, celebrating the emotions triggered by the taste of our culinary gardens and estate produce.