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Restaurantes Tematicos en el Centro Historico de CDMX


A Strange Gastronomic Experience in the Center of the City of Mexico Casa Franciscana: Discover the 4 restaurants of Grupo Lotto Producciones located in Casa Franciscana in the historic center of CDMX.

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The Lotto Producciones Group is thrilled to present four extraordinary restaurants within its Casa Franciscana property, each with its own unique culinary identity.

Extraño Coffee - Retirement of Tim Burton: Extraño Coffee captures the essence of the visionary director Tim Burton, known for his unique creations and evocative atmospheres. Sumérgete in the atmosphere of "Beetlejuice", "Pesadilla antes de Navidad", "Eduardo Manostijeras" and "Big Fish". The decoration and paper of Café Extraño transport the visitor to a unique cinematographic journey, an unmissable experience for lovers of the director and the good café.

Extraña Pizza - A journey to the world of Beetlejuice: Extraña Pizza offers a gastronomic experience inspired by the world of Beetlejuice in the 1980s. From the moment they enter, visitors will be treated to decorations that recall the iconic monsters of the film . With Beetlejuice in real size, the restaurant offers total immersion in an unusual dimension. While enjoying the delicacies, you can enjoy Burton films, mystery series and terror stories, creating a unique gastronomic and visual experience.

Soda del Mal - Disney Villanos y Delicacies: The new Soda del Mal Fuente and the Villanos Disney Museum offer a unique experience. Capture moments with photos of your favorite villains and discover their evil stories through short biographies. This place will become your favorite retreat, so you can share moments with your little ones or satisfy your inner child.

El Maravilla - Alicia's Wonderland: El Maravilla, located in the Centro Histórico de la CDMX, is a homenaje to the magical world of Lewis Carroll's "Alicia en el País de las Maravillas". Here, lovers of the classic will be able to experience a mixture of enchantment, diversity and delightful delights. A place that will make you forget the reality, inviting you to lose yourself in the magic of Alicia and enjoy unique delicacies.

With the growing popularity of Casa Franciscana, it is advisable to reserve your table in advance to guarantee a place at these extraordinary restaurants, especially at the end of the week when there are a lot of people. Discover the culinary art in Casa Franciscana, where the magic of cinema merges with unique delicacies, creating an unforgettable experience. Reserve your meal and prepare to experience an unparalleled culinary adventure.