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M2O approda al Maki Maki di Viareggio con M2O Carnival Party 2024 - Official After Show


The magical sound world of M2O arrives in Viareggio for a whole month of unforgettable evenings at Maki Maki! After the extraordinary success of last Saturday, M2O continues to make the heart of Viareggio nightlife beat every Saturday in February 2024.
Get ready to immerse yourself in a captivating musical journey, led by the eclectic M2O DJs, true wizards of the console who will transform Maki Maki into an arena of pure electricity. The enveloping notes of electronic music, from the latest hits to timeless classics, will transform every evening into an explosion of energy and fun.
To make your experience even more exclusive, we have created an exclusive online pre-sale option on Buy your ticket before 11.30pm on the day of the event and get a skip-the-line special, guaranteeing priority access, and a drink included in the price to start the evening on the right foot. But M2O isn't just music, it's a lifestyle.
During the evenings, you can enjoy an immersive experience in the M2O world with gadgets, surprises and unique interactions with DJs.
Music will be the underlying theme of a night that promises to be epic, where Maki Maki will be the stage of emotions that only M2O can offer. Don't miss the opportunity to be part of this unique adventure.
Book your ticket now by clicking on the event link and prepare to experience extraordinary evenings, shaped by the engaging sound and unique atmosphere of M2O.