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Glauco Di Mambro: Una Notte Magica di Musica e Emozioni al Grey Club con BEAT HOUSE VIBES a Frosinone il prossimo 9 Febbraio


BEAT HOUSE VIBES, the flagship musical event in Frosinone in the underground dancefloor scene, is preparing to transform the Gray Club into an enchanted dimension on February 9th, with the brilliant artist Glauco Di Mambro as special guest.
The evening promises an explosive mix of unique sounds and engaging atmospheres, making the event an unforgettable musical experience. Who is Glauco Di Mambro? Glauco Di Mambro, Italian DJ, producer and multi-instrumentalist, is known for his eccentric and passionate personality in the world of music.
Growing up under the influence of his musician father and fueled by his artistic curiosity, Glauco has built an eclectic career, becoming an ambassador of organic house. His music is described as a ritual of emotions, a fusion of electronics, contaminations, organicity, spirituality and wild modernity.
The Artistic Path of Glauco Di Mambro With dozens of releases and live evenings and DJ sets, Glauco recently presented his latest EP, "Point Break", published on the The Gardens of Babylon label, with remixes by Marvin & Guy and Diass . His constant research and musical exploration have made him impossible to chain to just one genre, transforming his music into a soul-freeing journey. He has shared the console with internationally renowned artists, from Satori to Black Coffee, and has been part of prestigious events around the world.
BEAT Frosinone at the Gray Club: A Unique Evening The BEAT event at the Gray Club becomes the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in the magic of Glauco Di Mambro's music. The Gray Club, chosen as an exclusive location, will be the stage for an extraordinary experience, where the public will be able to experience the unstoppable creativity and free soul of Glauco. How to Participate in the Event: Mandatory List and Booking Details on Entry to the event is reserved for those who book online by 1.30am on February 9th via the platform.
Each booking will guarantee a QR CODE, to be presented at the entrance of the Gray Club to gain entry and a free drink, all before 1:30 in the morning. Those who do not book on the list will pay 10 euros for women and 15 euros for men at the entrance, without a drink included. On the list, the price will be 10 euros for women and 15 euros for men, with drink included!!!
BEAT Frosinone at the Gray Club with Glauco Di Mambro promises to be the musical event of the year, a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the magic of the music and art of an extraordinary artist. Register now on to secure a place on the short list with drinks included and get ready for an extraordinary experience on February 9th.