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Countdown alla Maturità! Quest'anno in Versilia tutti al MAKI MAKI di Viareggio!!


100 DAYS @ Maki Maki - Countdown to High School Diploma!
The event, scheduled for next 10 March, at the renowned Maki Maki in the picturesque Darsena Viareggina, will be an epic evening dedicated to the students of Viareggio and the Versilia coast, celebrating 100 days of the high school leaving exam.

In a crescendo of anticipation, the electric atmosphere of Viareggio will reach its peak with "100 DAYS @ Maki Maki - Countdown to High School Diploma".

Event Details:

Date: March 10, 2024
Location: Maki Maki, Darsena Viareggina, Viareggio
Time: Starting from 11.30pm

The evening will be animated by the overwhelming rhythm of the VG MANIA XL group, guaranteeing a unique musical experience. Exclusive gadgets, special setups and an exciting contest will add a memorable touch to the atmosphere.

What to expect:

🎶 Live show of the VG MANIA XL group
🎁 Exclusive gadgets for all participants
🎉 Special setup for a unique atmosphere
🏆 Incredible contest with amazing prizes

Booking is simple and fast: book your entry on the digital platform here :

Also, make sure you enjoy an included drink by booking before 1am or throughout the night.

Don't miss the opportunity to be part of this extraordinary event! Join us at Maki Maki for a night of partying, music and fun. Get ready to create lasting memories and celebrate your upcoming milestone in style.

This is the Countdown to to High School Diploma you don't want to miss. Book now and secure your place on this unforgettable night! 🎓🎉