ZOO EIVISSA Bar & Cocktail
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In the heart of the renowned marina of Ibiza, there is a place that has been able to conquer the title of "epicenter of nightlife". Let's talk about the Zoo Bar Ibiza, an icon of the island's nightlife. For years, this historic bar has been attracting locals and tourists alike, offering an unforgettable experience in a lively and charming setting.
The energy that emanates from this place is contagious. The elegantly decorated bar offers a unique mix of modern and traditional styles, creating an inspiring yet welcoming environment.
Zoo Bar Ibiza is renowned for its handcrafted cocktails where our expert mixologists expertly mix a wide range of ingredients to create unique drinks that please every palate.
From classic mojitos to signature creations, every sip is an experience to be savored and shared with friends.
The sociable atmosphere that reigns in the bar favors interactions between customers, creating a sense of community that unites people from all over the world.

Event Starts at 18:00
Event Closes at 03:30