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Trattoria Sant'Agostino
Restaurant - Italian
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Trattoria Sant'Agostino offers a choice of home-made dishes, cooked following traditional typically Tuscan recipes, choosing ingredients from the area in accordance with their seasonality.

One of our signature dishes is the butter and sage gnudi of Sant'Agostino, an institution throughout the neighborhood. Every morning they are prepared by hand in our kitchen. A simple dish that goes straight to the heart, diving right into childhood memories. Tuscan gnudi are delicious ricotta and spinach balls, which are nothing more than the classic ravioli filling. They are in fact so called because they are naked, i.e. without the outer sheet of dough surrounding the filling. Moment of pure enjoyment with our stuffed onions. Red onion from Certaldo stuffed with Pecorino di Pienza.

How to start your dinner off right. One of our strong dishes, indeed very strong is the Braciola redone with tomato sauce. And how can we not talk about our Fried Steak? Remember to order it in time because it takes about 10 hours to prepare it properly. On the menu you will find artisanal cured meats and cold cuts, the best selected meat up to the delicious poor Tuscan dishes, such as pappa al pomodoro or the ancient Tuscan soup. Our Trattoria offers, upon request, special menus and solutions.

We are open every day of the week throughout the year. To end your meal on a sweet note, leave a little place for our super desserts! Seeing is believing.

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The cost of the reservation, excluding ddp and bank commissions, will be discounted from the total bill at the end of the dinner.
The maximum waiting time for your reservation is 15 minutes,
at the end of this time the table will be re-assigned.
If you decide not to use the reservation within 24 hours of the date of the same, you will be refunded 50% of the price paid, excluding delivery charges and bank commissions. After 24 hours no refund will be granted.
The refund policy will not be applicable and will lapse if you wish to make changes to your booking at least 12 hours before the appointment.
It will be possible to change the day or time of table reservation only once and only before 48 hours from the day of the reservation and if obviously the new time or date will be available.

Event Starts at 12:00
Event Closes at 23:00