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Ibiza CHAPARRAL 256 SSI - Luxury Boat
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From EUR 560.00

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Experience the ultimate boating adventure in Ibiza with the Chaparral 256SSI. This luxurious boat offers an unforgettable 8-hour journey to Formentera or the island's stunning bays. Fuel and skipper services are additional.
With its sleek design and spacious deck, the Chaparral 256SSI provides the perfect setting for relaxation and entertainment. Explore the crystal-clear waters, anchor in secluded bays, and indulge in activities like swimming and snorkeling.
Embark on a personalized adventure with our experienced crew, who will guide you to Ibiza's hidden gems and ensure a memorable experience. Discover the beauty of the island and create lifelong memories aboard the Chaparral 256SSI.
Escape to Ibiza's waters with the Chaparral 256SSI for an extraordinary 8-hour voyage. Luxury, comfort, and the Mediterranean await you.
Skipper and gasoline are not included.


Event Starts at 10:00
Event Closes at 18:00