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América Restaurante
Restaurant - Mediterranean
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The América Restaurant is a charming establishment that remains open throughout the year and is situated in the heart of Ibiza, overlooking the beautiful Ses Figueretes beach. Our restaurant is renowned for its exceptional Mediterranean and Italian cuisine, with a particular focus on rice dishes and other specialties that are typical of the island, such as the Bullit de Peix.
Indulge in delectable squid dishes, a variety of fresh salads, innovative culinary creations, and rice dishes that will leave you yearning for more. Our restaurant has an excellent selection of paella, fideua, blind fish rice, and seafood dishes that are sure to impress. Additionally, we offer a variety of other delicacies, including the Bullit de Peix, fish Salmorra with arroz a banda, fish stew, and grilled sirloin steak. Our menu also features handmade pizzas, Italian pasta, and egg-based dishes to satisfy all tastes.
At The América Restaurant, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality food in a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. Our exquisite cuisine, attentive service, and stunning sea views make us a top destination for foodies and tourists alike. Whether you're in Ibiza for a day trip or a long-term stay, we invite you to experience our delectable menu and soak in the charming ambiance of our restaurant. Come and savor the flavors of the Mediterranean and Italy at The América Restaurant, your go-to dining destination in Ibiza.

The maximum waiting time for your reservation is 15 minutes,
at after 15 minutes the table will be re-assigned.
It will be possible to change the day or time of table reservation only once and only before
48 hours from the day of booking and if obviously the new time or date will be available.
The presale fees are NON-refundable

Event Closes at 23:30
Doors Open at 11:00