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Xplor is a unique park in the world.
Its adventure circuits for swimming and rafting are found underground, between caverns - full of stalactites and stalagmites - and underground rivers.
Outside, the Quintana Roo jungle is the ideal space for tours aboard amphibious vehicles and for zip-line trips, which allow you to enjoy the panoramic view from different angles, with the Caribbean Sea as a majestic background. Its night version, Xplor Fuego, offers an unparalleled experience to its visitors, with extreme adventure in volcanic environments, darkness and fire as an iconic element.
Glide through the treetops on traditional zip lines or, why not, in a hammock! Delve deep into the earth on underground tours filled with stalactites and stalagmites, or explore the Mayan jungle in fun amphibious vehicles. If troglodyte hunger takes hold of you, you will have unlimited food at the buffet. Definitely, this park in Playa del Carmen is what your adventurous spirit is looking for.
In addition, you will discover the new Xplor activity: Underground Expedition. In it, you will go through 740 meters of an adventure in caves where the water will flood your way from 30 cm to 1.10 m. Spectacular scenes of crystal clear water and impressive stalactites will surround you as you discover the depths of the Earth in the most fun way. Choose a contemplative path or a more adventurous one where you will have to overcome obstacles.
Go down two different fun water slides and find your way to an incredible canyon.
- The minimum age to enter Xplor is 5 years of age.
- Two circuits of seven zip lines each (3.8 km of total route),
  which includes the highest zip line in the Riviera Maya.
- Amphibious vehicle to drive through the jungle, bridges and flooded caverns.
- New activity: Underground Expedition, 740 meters of a cavern adventure.
- Tour in an underground river aboard a raft, paddling with your hands.
- Circuit to swim in a river of stalactites.
- Hamacuatizaje.
- Walk through caves.
- Unlimited snacks and non-alcoholic drinks
  (oatmeal cookies, fruits, smoothies and fresh waters).
- Buffet food.
- Locker for two people.
- Rest areas, dressing rooms and bathrooms.
- Other services (WiFi, ATMs and shops at additional cost).
- Remember to bring the proof of your purchase printed.
- Wear a bathing suit, water shoes and insect repellent;
  bring an extra change of clothes and a towel.
- Your sunscreen, repellants and suntan lotion should only contain
  titanium oxide and zinc oxide for use in the park.
- Bring cash or a card to buy souvenirs or acquire the photos of your visit.
- Xplor opens from Monday to Saturday from 9:00 a.m. at 5:00 p.m.
- The minimum age to enter Xplor is 5 years old.
  Children between 5 and 11 years old pay 50% of the adult price
  (It is essential to present identification at the park ticket office).
- Children under 12 years of age with a height greater than 1.40 m
  They must also present identification to prove their age.
- Some activities are not suitable for pregnant women.
- Certain activities in the park are not recommended if you have heart problems,
  fear of heights, recent surgery, back pain, or easily dizzy.
- To carry out the zip line activity the maximum weight is 136 kg
  and the minimum of 40 kg.
  The circumference capacity of the harnesses around the waist
  It is 120 cm and 65 cm around each leg.
  For children, the harness must fit properly and have
  a minimum height of 1.10 m, otherwise, for their safety, they will not be able to carry out the activity.
- Transportation from Cancun, Playa del Carmen and the Riviera Maya
  It will be included only if you add it at the time of your purchase.
- Reservations canceled more than 2 days before the arrival date,
  They are subject to a 10% charge for administrative expenses;
  2 to 0 days before the arrival date, or in case of non-arrival, they will not be refundable.
- It is not possible to change the date on the same day of your visit.

Event Starts at 09:00
Event Closes at 17:00
Doors Open at 09:00