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Workshop pratico Landmine University @ Daruma.Pro Milano
Sunday March 10, 2024

Event Starts at 11:00
Event Closes at 13:00
Via Lorenteggio 31, Milano, MI 20146, Italia
Milan - Italy
Dress code: Abbigliamento sportivo da allenamento
Workshop pratico Landmine University @ Daruma.Pro Milano


Ingresso al workshop

Official Landmine University practical workshop
Learn the basic principles of Landmine University and get introduced to the revolutionary training system for the functional development of explosive strength, created by S&C Coach Alex Kanellis (@landmineuniversity)
Directed by:
Dariush Aria Manes (@dariush_the_dreamer)
LMU Level 1 Coach
Strength & Conditioning Coach

The Workshop is aimed at any audience, professionals, athletes or fitness enthusiasts.

Your initial level doesn't matter! You will learn step by step the main positions and movements of the LMU system, adjusting intensity and load to your level and progression.

The duration of the Workshop will be 2 hours.
However, we assure you that the impact and value that this session will bring to your future training routines will continue in the long term.

Do not miss!
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