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Trattoria da ì Coco Filippo is one of the most characteristic restaurants in Florence, it represents one of the places where the tradition of the ancient Florentine culinary art is present and is preserved in the dishes of chef Filippo Baldini. In our typical Florentine Trattoria, the kitchen dominates in the recipes and raw materials, merging dishes based on truffles and game dishes, together with the dishes of traditional Florentine cuisine, such as;
Fricassee rabbit, fried chops remade in tomato sauce with capers, boiled meat remade with onions, stew and ribollita as well as all the ancient dishes that our grandmothers prepared.
Naturally let's not forget the meat dishes such as the famous Florentine steak, the sliced beef and the famous Peposo dell'impruneta of which we are proud proponents of the true historical recipe.

The cost of the reservation, excluding presale price and bank commissions, will be discounted from the total of the bill at  the end of the dinner.
The maximum waiting time for your reservation is 15 minutes,
at after 15 minutes the table will be re-assigned.
If you decide not to take advantage of the reservation within 24 hours from the reservation date, you will be refunded 50% of the price paid excluding presale price and bank commissions. Refunds will not be issued after 24 hours.
The Refund Policy will not be applicable and will be cancelled if you wish to make any changes to your booking at least 12 hours before your appointment.
It will be possible to change the day or time of table reservation only once and only before
48 hours from the day of booking and if obviously the new time or date will be available.

Event Starts at 12:30
Doors Open at 12:30