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Magic Express Tour - Angel de la Independencia - CDMX - 3 Marzo 2024
03 Mar-03 Mar-2024

Mexico City - Mexico
Magic Express Tour - Angel de la Independencia - CDMX - 3 Marzo 2024
Sun 03-Mar-2024
Magic Express Tour - CDMX - 3 Marzo 2024 ( 4.00 PM )
Magic Express Tour - CDMX - 3 Marzo 2024 ( 4.00 PM )
Tour Mágico: ¡Una Experiencia Única el 3 ...

Visit emblematic places in Mexico City on this Harry Potter-inspired night tour. There will be trivia, contests, characters.

:Put on your cape and prepare your best spell because this plan is for real sorcerers. This is the Magic Tour, a Harry Potter themed tour where you will visit emblematic points of Mexico City.

Aboard the magical express they will visit the most important sites of the Historic Center. But, it won't be just any trip, but one full of magical creatures (not suitable for muggles). During this trip, the endearing episodes, scenes and characters of the saga will be remembered.

We recommend you watch the movies or read the books again, as there will be trivia and activities for fans of Hueso Colorado. Also, you can participate in different contests; The best contenders will win sensational prizes.

The trip concludes in a location set with music and decoration that alludes to the iconic houses of the magicians. Here there will be a show and coexistence with characters. Additionally, attendees will enjoy a butterbeer and the chance to pick up souvenirs before returning home.

Take into account that the cost, per person, is $590 + commission ; includes transportation, butterbeer, activities and stay at Hogwarts castle. The cost increases due to online purchase charges. You can check the purchase methods through the Lotto Producciones Facebook profile.

The Harry Potter Magic Tour takes place during the evening and the meeting point is the monument to the Angel of Independence on Paseo de la Reforma. Take into account that, at the moment, the available dates are: March 2 and 3. The times you can choose are 4:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. The magical walk lasts approximately two hours.

Howarts Hogwarts Turibus

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