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M2O Carnival Party 2024 - Official After Show @ Maki Maki
24 Feb-24 Feb-2024

Event Starts at 23:30
Viale Europa, 23
Viareggio - Italy
M2O Carnival Party 2024 - Official After Show @ Maki Maki
Sat 24-Feb-2024
M2O Special Carnevale Febbraio 2024 @ Maki Maki - 24 Febbraio
M2O Special Carnevale Febbraio 2024 @ Maki Maki - 24 Febbraio
Evento Esclusivo M2O al Maki Maki Viareggio - Sabato 2 Fe ...

Exclusive M2O Event at Maki Maki Viareggio - 3/10/17/24 February 2024

We invite you to live a unique and engaging experience every Saturday in February 2024 at the renowned Maki Maki in Viareggio, which will host extraordinary evenings curated by the famous Italian radio group M2O.

An overwhelming mix of rhythm and emotions awaits you every Saturday evening, transporting you into the exciting world of electronic music, a distinctive feature of M2O. Maki Maki will transform into a vibrant stage, where the latest hits and catchiest selections from the M2O musical universe will come together to create an unforgettable atmosphere.

Special Performances: exclusive DJ sets by leading M2O talents (LINE UP visible at every event)

Online Pre-Sales Exclusive on 
Ensure your presence at this extraordinary experience with exclusive online pre-sales available on Purchase your ticket in advance and enjoy a special treat that includes a privileged queue skipper and a free drink, if purchased by 11.30pm on the day of the event.
Don't miss the opportunity to be part of this unique musical adventure.
Join us every Saturday at Maki Maki in Viareggio and immerse yourself in the magic of M2O music. An explosion of energy, rhythm and fun awaits you!


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