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Festival del Mal - Maratón de Cine Nocturno sobre Brujería en CDMX
Saturday May 11, 2024

Event Starts at 20:00
Event Closes at 06:00
Jesus Maria #42 Col. Centro Historico CDMX
Mexico City - Mexico
Festival del Mal - Maratón de Cine Nocturno sobre Brujería en CDMX
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Live a night of terror. This experience takes you into the world of the paranormal... and exorcisms. The place is an old building in the heart of Mexico City, wrapped in a mysterious atmosphere. If you are passionate about these topics or at least very curious, you will surely want to see "Exorcism in the Historic Center."

Dragon MX Producciones, brings this terrifying proposal to CDMX. It is a Cinema Bar night where some of the best films of the genre will be shown until dawn.

For this activity they will give you your own exorcism kit, in case any strange presence makes itself felt inside the old ex-convent. We tell you all the details of the Exorcism in the Historic Center.

The entry combo includes a local pizza and a commemorative glass for the amount of $345 per person.

What is Exorcism in the Historic Center about?

The scary nights return to the capital. The bravest will be able to take part in a night marathon dedicated to horror films.

Five films will be shown at the venue, all related to exorcism and demonic possessions. There will be no time to recover from fear as they will be projected one after another until dawn, so the horror and suspense will be present throughout the early morning.

The event will take place at Casa Franciscana, whose origin dates back to the 17th century, when it was a convent. So, there is no better setting for this horror experience.

However, if you want to be there you have to hurry because this experience has limited space.

What will you find on the night of Exorcism in the Historic Center?

It will take place on Saturday, May 11 at 8:00 p.m. During the night you will enjoy the following billboard:

-The Devil Inside. A woman believes her mother brutally murdered three people because she was clinically insane, but she stated that the murders occurred during an exorcism, so she sets out to investigate what really happened.

- The Exorcist. Regan is a 12-year-old girl, a victim of paranormal phenomena, which terrifies her mother. After subjecting her daughter to multiple medical tests, she decides to go to a priest who confirms that the little girl is a victim of demonic possession. .

- The nun. After the death of a young nun in a convent in Romania, the Vatican sends Father Burke and a nun to investigate the events. Since their arrival they begin to experience strange phenomena and will soon discover that the cause is a demon.

- The spell. Ed and Lorraine Warren, specialists in paranormal phenomena, will go to the home of the Perron family, who suffer terror and siege by evil entities.

- Oujia. A group of friends try to contact a boy who was killed by a demon; Shortly after, they discover that they have released a dark entity, so they will have to face their fears to save their lives.

Each film tells a story of demonic possession and exorcism that will make your skin crawl. If you are a horror movie lover, you will enjoy it.

Inside the ex-convent you can purchase snacks and drinks to accompany each film.

Where is Exorcism in the Historic Center

Franciscan House

It is located on Calle Jesús María 42. Colonia Centro, two blocks from the Zócalo of CDMX.

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