Festival de La Mandrágora - Vol.2
27 May-28 May-2023

Event Starts at 12:00
Doors Open at 12:00
Jesús Maria - Col. Centro 42
Mexico City
Sat 27-May-2023
Festival de La Mandrágora (27 Mayo 2023)
Sun 28-May-2023
Festival de La Mandrágora (28 Mayo 2023)

Next May 27 and 28 at Jesús Maria 42, Col Centro in CDMX
Come and live a magical experience at the FESTIVAL DE LA MANDRAGORA VOL.2
Free admission and MAGIC WEDDING package (limited space) for 2 people
where you can get married in a romantic themed ceremony and receive a certificate
that will make their magical union official.
You can also reserve your FAST PASS for those who do not want to wait in line.
Do not miss this incredible opportunity to participate in an event and reserve your access.

Customer service via whatsapp button in the event page