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Event Organizer is an innovative SaaS specialized in providing seamless and user-friendly booking, subscriptions and ticketing solutions as well as complete establishments’ CRM, POS integration and CMS.

Map Layouts Data-driven approach to enable businesses to make informed decisions, optimize their marketing strategies, and maximize their ticketing revenue.

Map Layouts By leveraging technology and innovation, streamlines the ticketing and booking process, as well as its management making it more accessible and convenient for users and businesses alike

Map Layouts Our CMS platform is designed to simplify the process of discovering and reserving tickets for various events, activities, and experiences.

Map Layouts We incorporate CRM and data analytics and reporting tools, empowering businesses to gain valuable insights into customer behavior, ticket sales trends, and revenue performance.

SaaS is key for a flourishing economy and will become a cornerstone of any industry

We aim to deliver the most complete SaaS platform, building trusted links with our customers and help them thrive

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Restaurants, Resorts & pools, Boat Charters, Events, Private parties, Healthcare, Hospitality, Beach clubs, Marinas and ports, Sport centers and courts.
You name it - we can handle it


Bookings, subscriptions, ticketing
Infinite modules configurations
135 worldwide currencies.
Analytics algorithm for traffic sources from external links to Ads campaigns. See the real numbers as they come in!


Independent Brand profiles allowing for multiple establishments in one single link URL.
Multiple brands available in one single account
Co-hosted events among multiple brands

More detailed e-tickets & e-bookings

Single, multy days & calandar events

Automatic sales start & end

Full PRs sales system

Real time Analytics & statistics

Fastest Customer Service

Including food & beverage delivery, reservations and accomodations platform

Customers database

Add-ons on all configurations

Tap into the millions of potential customers searching for businesses or services you offer through Google Search & Maps by giving them a way to book with you directly.