Lifestyles and entertainment
Business Tickets & Bookings
More detailed e-tickets & e-bookings
The Event management platform allows infinite Tickets or Reservations with limited time, time of entry and full or partial payment at the door.
Available parties, festivals, experiences, tours and boat parties, charters or cruises, sports and extreme sports or clubs, restaurants or whatever, is your lifestyle and the management platform for all your public and private events.
E-Bookings & E-Ticketing
Booking Calendar with infinite configurations including "Reservation Only" with total or partial payment, seats maps management or take-out and delivery !!!
Tables layout and seat charts
Integrate the layout of the tables / sectors or the seating position.
Maps are a simple and intuitive way to allow customers to choose the seats or sectors before an event.

Maps can be divided into sectors, rows or single seats or tables through a graphical interface.

- Map large places without coding.
- Seats organized by sectors, rows, sections and levels.

Increase conversion and ticket sales.
PR sales system
Our platform allows the aggregation and management of PR, public relations staff, for the sale of digital tickets and reservations through a dedicated PR profile with QR code and URL like

In the public PR profile, all events are available for purchase and each sale is credited to the PR in real time.
PRs can also manage private lists and guest lists if enabled by the Event Promoter / Organizer.
Real time sales analysis and reporting
Real-time sales reports with payments and revenues tracking statistics are a great monitoring tool available at any time.

Integration widget in your site
Full "white label" integration into your site.

A simple integration without coding !! Wordpress ready.
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